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It’s 10 pm and you are planning all that you’re going to get done tomorrow. Tomorrow morning comes and you’re feeling the plan but not as much as you were the night before. It’s tomorrow afternoon and you realize you haven’t done a thing and Motivation15its65discouragement starts to creep in slowly but surely. It’s tomorrow evening and you still haven’t done anything and you really don’t feel like doing anything. Now it’s tomorrow night and you’re planning on getting things done “tomorrow”. I cannot be the only one that lives this way too many times to count.

Sometimes we all just need a kick in the pants; some motivation. But from where?? Like where do I draw my motivation from because obviously their sheer thought of success isn’t enough. So where? Where do you get your motivation to dream, follow through on ideas, to keep going? That’s something I can’t answer for you, no one but you can answer that. 

The first step to finding your motivation is not following people’s lives via social media or websites. The first step is YOU. You have to have a meeting with yourself and ask yourself, what do I want to do and why do I want to do it. What is the purpose behind your goal/mission? You have to take some time, grab a pencil/pen and some paper and just write. And when I say write, I don’t necessarily mean in neat lines with numbers and bullet points. Honestly, that’s NOT how our brains work, at least not my brain works. I usually get an idea and then while I’m thinking and writing about that idea I get another one or more to add to the original idea. My thoughts get messy so when I do my initial write out, it’s messy. During your meeting with yourself, just go for it. The paper is a clean canvas for you to just “brain dump”.

By doing this, you will be surprised. Ideas will come together and new ideas will be birthed. Every venture starts with a meeting so meeting with yourself is key to finding your motivation.

So what motivates you? What keeps your going? I’d love to know!! Let’s start a conversation.

Think it. Plan it. Do it.

In love,


Mrs. Pastor Mom

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