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So growing up, I had to do science fair projects until I got to high school. I don’t know if kids these days (had to say that!) do science fair projects anymore but I know I had to do them. We had to pick a category and let’s just say, I was the BOTANY queen. Plants? I can do plants. I was never a science girl and plants was just the way to go for me. 

We were taught how to do hypothesis building. Ya know, make an educated guess by BsL6nOOCMAAnpIq using the “if/then” method. If I do BLANK, then BLANK will happen. Good ol’ fashioned cause and effect.Reflecting on my life and on some BIG things God is placing in my heart I realized that my life is still being ran by “if’then” statements but just in a morphed state.

How many times have you come up with an idea, a vision, a goal and you’ve planned it out in your mind. You have piece A that needs to happen and then piece B and then you’ll be ready to release what the epicness that is your idea! 

BUT what happens is A gets in place but B doesn’t quite get there, or vise versa. I mean then idea could still happen and still be epic but we like to have both A and B perfectly in place. Hands up? If you’re honest, I know there has to be a hand up somewhere and not just mine!!

We turn into When/Then planners. WHEN this happens, THEN I will…  I am not saying just throw your idea out there without preparation. NOPE! Not at all, I’m all about that prep life. When I am saying, is not to let the prep life keep you from moving forward.God often times… or always… yea, always gives us a call or idea that is way bigger than our own ability. Which will usually lead us into an uncomfortable feeling. I mean, we like to know what’s next or the how of things. Am I right?! Yea I know!

What am I saying? Trust. Trust that you are so loved and God is not calling you higher just to watch you fall. Don’t hide in the shadow of perfection and preparation. Follow Him. If God says go and we don’t have all the answers for our A and B, GO!!

And now, I am not pointing the finger. Believe me, everything I write I point at me first… along with a kick in the chin and pulling of the arm! So enough basically a few months ago, God placed in my heart that I need to connect and pour into women more. Now if you know me or you read my blog, you’ll know that is just not me. But He wouldn’t let it go. He gave me a vision and next month I will be hosting the very first (and hopefully not the last) Women.Word. Worship. event. A night for women of all backgrounds and ages to come together for the purpose of worshiping the Jesus we all love!

The event is totally free and I would love to worship with you and all your friends!!

Event Info HERE

Join our community HERE


In Love, 




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