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Only The Strong Forgive

Yea I said it, she went there!!

Forgiveness is a touchy subject and the fact that it’s necessary for our overall well-being (soul included) is a touchy truth. Often times, the situations that cause us to have to offer forgiveness are situations where we are rightfully upset and our anger would be completely justified. You know, kinda like God’s completely justified anger Mahatma-Gandhi-The-weak-can-never-forgive-Forgiveness-is-the-attribute-of-the-strong-Framed-Quote-670towards us. Yea, that.

Although our unforgiveness and anger is completely “justified”, is it helpful or does it hurt more than satisfy?  

Like seriously, think about it! When you’re mad at someone that needs your forgiveness it lays heavy on your mind all the time; and the person who you’re mad with is going about their regularly scheduled life. They can’t read your mind, so all those mean, clever, and justified thoughts that are running through your mind are legit between you, yourself, and God. Ahhh geesh, she went there again!

Think about this… 

We are master jugglers. We try to hold everything at one time so we only have to make ONE trip. (Oh you know you do) You have no more hands for ANYTHING! I’ve had my hands full and then someone asks if I can grab one more thing and my response is that I can’t because my hands are full.

That’s kinda like when we hold on to unforgiveness. Often times, when we are holding unforgiveness against someone, it affects our entire outlook.We can’t hold anything else. No more room for joy, peace, happiness, nothing! When our hands are full of unforgiveness, we don’t have the ability to take hold of what God is trying to give us.

We’re anger but they’re okay. Doesn’t make sense to me. We punish ourselves by attempting to punish another. 

Jesus forgave and continues to forgive us, so is our holding unforgiveness truly ever  justified? Let me help you out. NOPE. Jesus sees all and knows all and yet He forgives us. If you didn’t know it before please know now. You are forgiven. Regardless of what you’ve done, Jesus loves you and forgives you! He is so faithful to forgive, all you have to do is ask. 

He’s an amazing father and He doesn’t make us beg. He wants to forgive you. He wants you to receive the love He has for you.

If you could raise your hand to any of this, be inspired and encouraged to forgive. Forgive. Forgive because you’re forgiven. I understand some things are harder to forgive but you don’t have to do it alone. Prayer is a powerful thing. “Jesus help me to forgive (insert name). He’s faithful and just to help you forgive. He’s able. He can. He will.

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In love, 



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