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Sitter: n

Sitter:n. Someone who gets idea after idea but does not share them or move on them but rather writes them down in random journals or slips of paper and tucks them away; someone who just sits on their ideas

Yea, so that’s me. I’m constantly sitting on tons or ideas and no one would ever know it because if you’ve seen me in the last 2 minutes, I’m sitting pretty on ideas and I’m pretty sure you didn’t know.

So the 17th of April I took a leap of faith and let one of my ideas out of the bag. Like way out of the bag. Like one of the scariest things used to be sharing ideas with friends and family but now, nothing beats the scariness of social media, specifically Facebook. Like, I just quivered a little when I said that!

One of my bestest friends came over Sunday and we did an impromptu photo-shoot (hilarious story all in itself) in my yard. It was time to let it out. It was time for me to change positions and move on an idea I have been sitting on for months. Let’s start at the beginning (kinda).

A few months ago ( Januaryish), I found myself at home after a long day and totally wiped out. I mean between planning stuff for our church plant and the two little people running around trying to set the world record for the amount of times one can say mom is 5 minutes. I found myself tired… like mama tired, like what day is it again for the 10th time kinda tired.

The next day, I went to pick up Gracen and Micah from school and I was met at the door by one of the cute little students and the words, “Hi Mrs. Gracen and Micah’s mom!” I laughed and went about my day but I couldn’t get it out of my head. I’m Carmaleta but I am expected and needed to fill so many other roles all at the same time. I jokingly laughed and started calling myself, Mrs. PastorMom and BOOM! Laughter quickly turned to serious thought, domain searches, email address creation, and planning.

Sounds great right?! Except, I’m a sitter remember! I have been sitting on Mrs. PastorMom for months. I’ve owned the domain, I’m created an email address, and a Facebook page. No one knew because I was just setting it up and sitting on it.

Then one day all I could hear was, “That’s enough Carm! Get up and go… NOW!” I’m not the type of person that has to be told twice so I told my husband and one of my best friends and was on my way. But geesh, standing after sitting so long can by uncomfortable and scary. You know, like when your legs go to sleep and you try to jump up and walk. It’s difficult, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful.

Maybe you can relate to my little story. Maybe you’re a sitter too. Be encouraged to stand today. Life and all the roles we have to play can be extremely tiresome but don’t grow weary in well doing! It’s going to pay off and you’re appreciated more than you know! That idea, dream, or vision you’re sitting on DOES matter. It WILL make a difference. People DO need it. You ARE capable. You CAN do this.

You don’t have to do it alone. We’re here and we CAN and WILL do this together! Come join us and if you know someone that can benefit from our community bring them along too!! It’s super easy. Click HERE


In Love,



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