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Keeping Up with The {insert last name}

So I am sure you’re heard the expression, “Keeping up with the Jones'”. Of course you have, who are we kidding?! 

Okay so maybe there’s some super small chance that you’ve never heard of the expression; I’ll break it down for you!

In the Carmaleta version of the dictionary (short, sweet, and to the point), it’s when you (or someone not you) attempts to do what the people you see are doing. For example, Family B got a new car, so you go and get a new car. Family B takes a family trip to Disney world and you go and book a vacation to Disney. Get it?! encouragement_008

Some of y’all might be thinking, that’s not bad. Family B is just serving as motivation for you (or someone not you). That sounds so pretty but we all know that 8.7 times out of 10 we are not using Family B as motivation. 

You see, I’ve been there and it’s not about competition. I see someone do something and I often think to myself, “Well that is cool!! And I can totally do that. I’ve always wanted to do that!! How about I try and do that”. And if you know me, I am an idea machine. I can come up with an idea and a plan to make it happen just like that (snap your finger for effect). But unfortunately, it rarely gets past the idea and plan (written idea) stage and I never understood why. I always thought it was due to procrastination which caused me to label myself as a procrastinator and give myself an A+ in the class! 

I realized (not as quickly as I wish I had) that procrastination wasn’t my problem. I had no vision! I mean I could see that I wanted to do great things and a lot of things! Like seriously, Patrick had me make a list of what I wanted to do and put it in order starting with the greatest. I had 16 things all at number one. 

In the “a” part of Proverbs 29:18 it states, where there is no vision the people perish. Like whaaa?! But Jesus I am alive but was I really? Have you ever saw someone succeed at something you knew you could do. You were so happy for them and loved hearing of all the success stories and even though you were working on something that would eventually get a great thing or pay off in the end, the success stories and what you could see were too goo to pass up. You got excited at the thought so you just said what they heck and jumped in only to find yourself gasping for air within the next big break. Or maybe, you find more stress and struggle than peace and motivation. Yea, me too.

I didn’t even realize I was trying to keep up, especially because that phrase has such a negative connotation and is often connected to jealousy and competition. I don’t feel that way and I am genuinely happy for people and their successful ventures but I find that I was still trying to keep up.

If they can do it, I can to. No need to seek God or consult the vision that He has given me. The ideas He has given me and that I have written out. In fact, I would often put my little paper with my vision down to pick up that vision that belonged to someone else because I had the ability, talent, and qualifications to do it to.

And that was why I never got past the vision stage. I was too busy looking at “The McCoys” and trying to keep up with them that I neglected and walked away from my vision.

Like seriously, not just saying this to prove a point. This is literally happening RIGHT NOW! I am looking through my ideas that I have handwritten or typed into the ever handy Evernote and printing it out so I can see it. And as I look I’m like, geesh Carmaleta this is great!

Which brings me where I am now. I am so happy for “The McCoys” but I was using them as a distraction. Can’t even blame the enemy. That was all me. Even though I am sure the enemy was probably my biggest cheerleader in my distraction. 

Why am I even sharing this? Glad you asked. I am sure somewhere within this you can relate to SOMETHING you’ve read. If you can, you’re not alone (trust me). The great news is you don’t have to wait until Monday to stop and start fresh with pursuing your goals and vision. You can start right now!! Give “The McCoys” a high five and a good job while you keep on trucking. You’ve got dreams and visions so work on and make happen. Stay focused!

In Love,



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