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I Thought I Knew :::


So, have you ever had like a clear picture and motivation of what you’re going to do or a goal/dream you were going to pursue, only to have your focus totally shifted on to something you never would have dreamed you would ever want to do? It’s like you look up and you’re like whoaaa!!

When I started this blog, I was going to share my amazing photo sessions and  all about the love of Jesus (Which I still intend to do) and that was all I really planned to share. I truly feel like when we establish a plan of our own, one that makes sense to us, God just responds with, “Oh that’s cute!”

I mean NOTHING in my life has gone as planned and I am so glad it hasn’t because it’s so much more amazing and beautiful than anything I could have ever created. And I am not just talking about my amazing husband or hilariously perfect (LOL) twins. I am talking about the whole… “Hey you, girl in background that’s not really comfortable with her voice or her gift, Take this mic and lead worship and while you’re at it, go stand behind that pulpit and share my gospel”. Say whaaaa?!? Oh and the whole… call the family to dig out and plant a ministry. I feel like every step I take, I am expected some balloons and confetti accompanied by someone jumping out at me screaming, “Surpriseeeeeee!!”

It’s amazing what God will do and where He will bring you to once you submit to His will and say YES. Seriously, I just want to be led by God and boy is He leading.

I promise all this has something to do with something. 

Like anyone else, I have desires and wants and things I would love to see happen in our lives! And the bible says that When we delight in the Lord, God will give us the desires of our heart, right?! Uhhhh well… Yes it does say that but I think we have been looking at it wrong. God does give us out hearts desire but not like we think. Have you ever had something that you “randomly” were interested in or wanted to do that came out of no where and caused you to wonder why you hadn’t done it before? 

God literally places desires in out heart. He gives us what to desire. Which brings me to what I wanted to share and my whole reason for this post.

I’ve never been a girly girl. I have always been around sports and most of my friends were guys. I grew up in the church and always saw how women’s ministry was and never had a desire to be apart. I wasn’t interested in cooking, baking, or any of the other things I saw happen. I formed an opinion based off my judgement and stayed away. Fast forward to a few ump-teen years and God calls us to plant a church. Once of my first thoughts was, “Ohhhh my… does this mean I have to be in charge of a women’s ministry?? I can’t do that”

I felt so inadequate because I didn’t really like or know how to do it like it was “supposed” to be done. Slowly but surely, I opened my heart and God slowly put desires in that I would have never imagined. He placed some awesome people in my life and allowed me to see that what I thought was women’s ministry was not what it was about at all. 

A few months ago, I went to pick up my boys from school and a child came up and asked me, “Mrs. Gracen’s Mom, how do I wake him up?”

I left that day and as I drove us home God started revealing things within my thoughts. Gosh, I sure do a lot. I’m not just a mom, I’m a wife, and I’m a pastor. Just call me Mrs. PastorMom. I laughed and kept going but it stuck with me and I couldn’t shake it because it was more than just a title or a thought. It was life. It is MY life and it’s not easy! I began to wonder how many other woman live this life, like me. Ministry. Wife. Mom.

And Boom… Mrs. PastorMom was born. 

A place for women to get together. Women in ministry. Women who are wives and moms. Even for women who will be in ministry, wives, or moms. This is for us.

Come join us, Mrs. PastorMom (#MrsPastorMom) and let’s get together because we really are all in this together!

In Love,



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